About Our Business

Clark & Jennifer Foster, owners. We are a family operated
business. Everyone from our son Tom, to our parents and
neighbors, have helped in one way or another. We are located
on a farm near beautiful Lake of the Ozarks in Stover,

Ozark Egg Company has been in business since 2003. We
were solicited by a family friend to raise Coturnix Quail due to
the fact that Clark had a real knack for raising chickens. Our
love for "yard birds" and interest in quail seemed reason
enough for us to give it a try.

That was nearly eight years and several thousands of eggs
ago. Now we are knee deep in quail and their eggs. We still
have a few yard birds, turkeys, a pot-bellied pig, beagles and
one cat, but the majority of our time is spent in the quail barn.

The quail barn is a temperature controlled facility with outdoor
flight pens and breeding cages inside. Quail eggs are
produced year-round, collected daily and delivered weekly.

We supply quality eggs to one of the largest research facilities
in the State of Kansas. References are available.